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Seasoning Stix

How Seasoning Stix Work: Seasoning Stix are quality seasoning and spices that are compressed into a Stix that can be easily inserted into meat, fish, poultry tofu, and vegetables. As you cook Seasoning Stix will slowly dissolve allowing the seasoning to infuse flavor into your favorite foods - Seasoning From The Inside Out! 

Seasoning Stix are great for everyone and very easy to use.

They also make a unique gift for the home cook who has it all.




Features  & Facts


Seasoning Stix contain no MSG, are gluten-free and very low in sodium.

Choose a flavor, insert Stix into meat, fish, poultry cook and enjoy.

Seasoning Stix completely dissolve in any food infusing the flavor!

Marinades & Rubs limit the depth of flavor; Seasoning

Stix solves this problem.

The Inventor

Creative Concepts NCJ LLC was conceived and implemented by Nevin Jenkins as a
way to bring his new, unique products to the market place. Nevin brings a long history
of development and design, he is constantly introducing amazing new products to the
market place. Nevin is considered the Father of the Medical Alert Industry by inventing
the original Medical Alert System (Help I’ve fallen and can’t get up). He believed there
had to be a better way to bring awesome new products to the market so Creative
Concepts NCJ LLC was created.

Seasoning Stix

Seasoning Stix are the first innovation in seasonings and spices in centuries – we realize that’s a bold claim.  There are very few areas within the culinary world that are more unchanged than seasonings and spices.


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