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How To  Use

How Seasoning Stix Work

Seasoning Stix are made from quality seasoning and spices. They are compressed into a Stix that can be easily inserted into meat, fish, poultry tofu, and vegetables. Our Stix will completely dissolve infusing flavor into every bite - Seasoning From the Inside Out!


Seasoning Stix are more than skin deep, seasoning everything from meat, fish, poultry, tofu, and vegetables. Seasoning Stix are easily inserted into your favorite foods by hand or with our Inserter. Seasoning Stix are a healthy alternative containing no MSG, are gluten-free, and very low in sodium.

Why Seasoning Stix


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Every 2-3"

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or poultry.


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inside -out


Demonstration Videos

Watch how quick and easy Seasoning Stix turns an everyday boring meal into a flavorful adventure by seasoning your food in a new and innovative way.
Seasoning Stix- Seasoning from the inside out! 

What  Others   Say About Us

"Why take the time to season your meat the old-fashioned way — painstakingly preparing it with spice blends, brines, rubs and marinades….take a few of the sticks and jam them into whatever meat, fish or poultry you happen to be cooking to flavor it “from the inside out.” Then you cook it, same as ever."

- Food Network

Seasoning Stix

Seasoning Stix are the first innovation in seasonings and spices in centuries – we realize that’s a bold claim.  There are very few areas within the culinary world that are more unchanged than seasonings and spices.


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